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Po: What?! Master Oogway’s cthhoosing the Dragon Warrior, Today!! Everyone, everyone, go! Get to the Jade Palace! One of the five’s
gonna get the Dragon Scroll! We’ve been waiting 100 years for this, just take the bowl! This is the greatest day in kung fu history!
Don’t worry about it. Just Go!
Mr. Ping: Po! Where are you going?
Po: To the Jade Palace.
Mr. Ping: But you’re forgeting your noodle cart. The whole valley will be there, and you’ll sell noodles to all of them.
Po: Selling noodles?
(Mr. Ping nods)
Po: But, Dad, you know, I was kinda thinking maybe I…
Mr. Ping: Yeah?
Po: I was kinda thinking maybe I…
Mr. Ping: Uh-huh?
Po: …could also sell the bean buns. They’re about to go bad.
Mr. Ping: That’s my boy! I told you a dream was a sign.
Po: Yeah. (chuckles) Glad I had it. (grunting) (grunting continues) Come on. Come on! Almost there. Wha…? (grunts in frustration)
Oh no!
Villager 1: Sorry, Po.
Villager 2: We’ll bring you back a souvenir.
Po: No, I’ll bring me back a souvenir.
Shifu: It has been a historic day, isn’t it Master Oogway?
Oogway: Yes. But one I feared, I do not live to see. Are your studants ready?
Shifu: Yes, Master Oogway.
Oogway: Now notice, old friend. The one I choose will not only bring peace to the valley. But also to you.
Villager Announcer: Let the tournament begin!
Po: (grunting) Oh. Yeah! Ha ha! wha..? Oh, no! No, no, no! Wait! I’m coming! No, wait! Yes! Oof! Ow! Hey! Open the door! Let me in!!!
Shifu: Citizens of the Valley of Peace…
Po: Come on.
Shifu: …it is my great honor to present to you
Tigres, Viper, Crane, Monkey, Mantis. The Furious Five!
Po: (laughing excitedly) Yes, The Furious Five!
Oof! Aah! Oof!
Shifu: Warriors prepare!
Po: What is? Oh! oh, peeky hole.
Shifu: Ready for battle!
Po: Whoo! The thousand tongues of fire. Wh-ho-hoa!
Villager: Whoa, look at that!
Po: Hey! Get out of the way! Whoa! (laughing excitedly) Wha-oa! (groaning in frustration) Hi-yah! Ow.
Shifu: And finally, Master Tigres! Believe me. citizens, you have not seen anything yet!
Po: I know!
Shifu: Master Tigres face Iron Ox and his blades of death.
Oogway: I sense the Dragon Warrior is among us.
Shifu: Citizens of the Valley of Peace, Master Oogway will now choose the Dragon Warrior!
Po: Wha..? Oh no! No, no, no! Wait! Yeah. Ha ha ha. (laughing intelligently)
Mr. Ping: Po! What are you doing?!
Po: What does it look like I’m doing?! No! Stop! Stop! I’m gonna see the Dragon Warrior!
Mr. Ping: But I don’t understand. You finally had the noodle dream!
Po: I lied. I didn’t dream about noodles, Dad. I love kung fu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u—u—u-u-u—u!
Mr. Ping: Oh, come on, son. Let’s get back to work.
Po: Okay.
(fireworks start rocketing)
(Po screaming)
Mr. Ping: Po! Oh! Come back!
(Po screaming)
(fireworks exploding)
(Po screaming)
Po; Oof! Oh. What’s going on? Where..? What are you point..? Oh. Okay. Sorry. I just wanna see who the Dragon Warrior was.
Oogway: How interesting.
Tigres: Uh, Master, are you pointing at me?
Oogway: Him.
Po: Who?
Oogway: You.
Po: Me?
Oogway: The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior!
Po: What?
The Five: What?!
Shifu: What?!
Mr. Ping: What?!
Shifu: Stop! Wait! Who told you to..? Master Oogway, wait! That flabby panda can’t be the answer to our problem. You were about to
point at Tigres and that — thing fell in front of her. That was just an accident!
Oogway: There are no accidents.
(Po grunting)
Tigres: Forgive us, Master. We have failed you.
Shifu: No. If the panda has not quit my morning, then I would have failed you.
[Thanks to Griffyn Stahlmann for lyrics]

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